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We value our patients' experience at A Better Way for Health. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Vanda Cecco
Your Greer Chiropractor

Guth_1.JPG We have been extremely happy with our care at A Better Way. Dr.Cecco and her staff give each one of us personal attention and careful,
individualized treatment. -Christy L. Guth

jimmy_1.jpgVanda has been my chiropractor for several years.  She has helped with everything from back pain to sinus problems.  Her professionalism is second to none. - Jimmy Chulkas

deighton_2.jpgOur family loves Dr. Cecco! We have been going to her since she came to Greenville, and we recommend her to all our friends.  She adjusts all of our kids as well, right down to the newborn, and she's great with them.  After our baby was born, she took time out of her lunch break to come do a house visit. That shows how much she cares about her patients. -Tiffany Deighton 

Dr Cecco is very personable, knowledgeable and helpful. She explained the treatment and then what she was doing as she worked with me. She looked at my MRI's and explained how my symptoms were causing my neck pain. She developed a plan to help me not only get relief but have long term strengthening of my neck and back. Brittany the office manager is great to deal with and explains insurance payments, so I understand coverage and billing. Dr. Cecco's office, treatment areas and equipment are clean and orderly with adequate space in a beautiful relaxing setting. I highly recommend getting treatment here. -Ryan Smith

We found "A Better Way" after being in a significant car accident. Our experience with Dr. Cecco has been great. My wife and I are feeling much better and her staff has handled all of the insurance side of things for us, to make it a really easy process. -Joel Gardner 

This is the absolute best and most knowledgeable chiropractic team I've encountered! Not only does the chiropractor teach you about bone/back/neck health and ways to improve upon it, but there are also other services available like a roller bed, the perfect reprieve for your post-chiropractic care. Something I totally love is that the Dr. specializes in kid's care as well--I've been taking my son to her since he was 1. Not to's very affordable...especially for the type of care and expertise you'll experience! -Hope Evans

Dr. Vanda Cecco is awesome! She is so personal and kind and is spot on with her adjustments. She really makes you feel at home and explains everything easily. I would highly recommend seeking her care. You'll be in good hands! She is on-top of her game and of great value. It is always a pleasure to visit her, and I love her spa-like, relaxing office. -Keith Carson

I had a terrible ache in my lower back and had went to the Dr. only to be told give a few weeks and do you want pain pills that I said no to. My wife suggested calling Dr Cecco and I did and she saw me that same day. I had an adjustment, ultra sound and then I was put on the roller bed. I was a bit skeptical about the treatment but I noticed right away when I got into my car I was feeling better. My car is a stick shift so I noticed right away. I was sore but much much better and so I went back for a follow up and now I have no more pain. What Dr Cecco did WORKED!! I trust her! She has a great attitude. -Truth Sayer

When someone first suggested that I should try chiropractic care, I wasn't sure that I would find a doctor that I trusted. However, Dr. Cecco is very knowledgeable and passionate. She was very attentive and took time to answer all of my questions. I look forward to the ABW Team taking an active role in my healthcare for many years to come! -Avery James

Dr. Cecco not only runs her business in a professional manner, but also has a genuine concern for her patients. Everyone is treated with utmost respect. It is as if she rolls out a red carpet for everyone who walks through the door. Dr. Cecco is very successful because of her passion to help her patients obtain the best quality of life. -Steve Church

I have been seeing Dr. Cecco for over 2 years now; she and her staff are amazing. Dr. Cecco not only helps me with my back and hip issues but since I started having her adjust my knees I have had less pain with them as well. I can honestly say the results with my knees have been better than after the month I spent in physical therapy when the issue first started. She always gives helpful advice on things to do at home (various stretches, ice, etc) to help with my back and hip pain. I would highly recommend her to anyone and if you have never had chiropractic care and are unsure she makes sure to explain everything she is doing and makes sure you are always comfortable. -Ann Loftis

Dr. Cecco and her staff are AWEOME!. I have been very impressed with the way I have been treated as a patient. I have never felt like I was just on the list to be seen that day. They have always made me feel as if I was the only patient they were expecting that day. Dr. Cecco focuses on what I need. When she asks me how I am doing she really listens. Each visit may be different depending on what has gone on with me since the last visit. A "weekend warrior" strain or injury may require one thing, and a tense lower back or neck from sitting and starring at the computer all week my require something else. I have never felt pressured to schedule a certain amount of appointments or feel in any way that I did not have a say in my treatment plan.
If you are considering Chiropractic care, I would highly recommend that you visit with Dr. Cecco at A Better Way. - Donny Kaufman

I am one of those people who needs a little more than a routine adjustment. Dr. Cecco's approach gives me what I need to have great outcomes. I have made great progress and feel wonderful! - Debby Pisor

I love Dr. Cecco's holistic approach. Not just the adjustments, but the therapies she offers including the roller bed and ultra sound therapy. She also did x rays for my neck and was able to pin point and explain to me exactly why and where I was experiencing neck problems! -Danielle Prestifillipo

Dr. Cecco is a miracle worker! On two occasions I arrived in severe pain in my neck and back. After just two adjustments I was virtually pain free. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what's going on and how she will fix the problem. She and her entire team are professional and friendly. If you need chiropractic adjustments there is none better in this area. I highly recommend Dr Cecco for all of your Chiropractic needs. -Pete Rogers

I have had nothing but the best experience at better way Greer in sc . Everyone is so nice and sweet. Dr. Cecco is the best . Just after one visited I was feeling great with no more problem. I would highly recommend Dr.Cecco . -Carlitha Earle

I had back pain since I was 15 years old, also had surgery when I was 16 years old. I was recently involved in a auto accident back in May 2015. Ive had ALOT of pain in my neck & lower back every since! I've done physical therapy, neck injections, and massage therapy. None of which had helped! I had basically given up, until I started doing research. I found "A Better Way" on Google!. Went in on a same day appointment! Greeted with caring smiling faces. Dr Vanda Cecco educated me on all her adjustments before she made them! I personally recommend "A Better Way" to ANYONE with pain! Now at 21, I can live my life with little to NO PAIN!! Thanks Dr Vanda! -Rayla Barahona

I am a floor installer, and back and knee pain come with the job. Vanda has always been able to address the pain and alleviate it with seldom more than one visit. She's not just about bones and joints; she knows a great deal about the body and how to keep it healthy, and she always has good advice to keep swelling, inflammation, or whatever it be at bay. I highly recommend. She's been a lifesaver. Thanks for all the help, Vanda! -Riley Behn

We found "A Better Way" after being in a significant car accident. Our experience with Dr. Cecco has been great. My wife and I are feeling much better and her staff has handled all of the insurance side of things for us, to make it a really easy process. -Joel Gardner

We are so excited about Canine Flex Support recommended by Dr Cecco! Our dog, Allie, is 7 years old now, and this year she started to move really slowly due to arthritis in her legs. Dr. Cecco recommended the Canine Flex Support and within 10 days, we saw her mobility improve. Now she is back to chasing squirrels and has officially resumed her position as "Boss of the Backyard." She is so much happier and has been able to lose a few pounds as well as a result of her increased mobility. Thank you Dr. Cecco, and A Better Way! We appreciate your help so much (the squirrels, not so much though.) -Kimberly Glenn Griffith

Caring, Kind, Accomodating, and Healing. I go in out of whack and come out feeling peoperly aligned. It is as if a world of stress is being stripped from my shoulders and melting away from the body. Add that to getting deeper sleep, feeling more relaxed and less tense in general. Dr. Cecco knows her way in adjustments and is a miracle worker for the body. Most recently she has been helping with issues of my 15mo old son. It is amazing the difference noted after only a couple visits. I highly reccomend the care that A Better Way For Health provides. A+ service, 10 out 5 stars from me. Thank you Dr. Cecco and staff, for all that you do. -Dana Elise

Dr. Cecco and the entire staff at A Better Way are marvelous people--kind, compassionate, and ready and able to help. Before visiting ABW for the first time, I dealt with back and neck pain for months and visited other chiropractors without lasting results. Dr. Cecco relieved my immediate pain and then we set up a treatment plan together to heal the causes of my long-term pain. It worked. Now I only need to go in for maintenance adjustments. When my husband hurt his back, the first thing I told him was to go to ABW. Dr. Cecco has helped him heal, too. I highly recommend Dr. Cecco and ABW. -Leah Senona

I have been a hair stylist for 31 years and standing for hours day in and day out, repetitive motion, long days and odd angles bent over shampoo bowls etc. This has taken an enormous toll on my joints and body as a whole. Also riding horses for years, competitively and skiing and running. Chiropractic care has helped keep my body feeling balanced and has helped tremendously. I love Dr Cecco's approach and overall approach to overall health care. I highly recommend A Better Way For Health. I am hooked. Professional and caring and super friendly. -Jane Anderson

Spring has always been difficult for me, one sinus infection after another, until I began chiropractic care. The one infection I have had in the last 9 years came after not visiting Dr. Cecco for a month. Needless to say, I visit regularly. -Juanita Smith

What a great experience!! Professional, thorough and great results. At last I have found my Chiropractor. -Eric Holland

Love Vanda and her staff! They are friendly, professional and make me feel welcome every time I come. You are in good hands with A Better Way. -Caroline Robertson

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